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An Alloy Of Copper And Zinc

Brass is an alloy of Copper & Zinc. The proportions of Copper & Zinc can be varied to create a range of Brasses with varying properties. Brass is commonly used in the manufacture of electrical, automotive and various other componentry. It is also extensively used in Architectural design, particularly for internal surfaces such as elevator doors, lighting, door hardware and many other items too numerous to list. Brass can also be specified for “touch surfaces” in public areas because of the anti-microbial properties of the Copper content in the alloy.

Ambro Metals & Brass

Ambro Metals Ltd is a major importer & stockist of Brass sheets for the New Zealand Market. We stock our sheets in a 63/37 alloy which is the standard material in Europe for general purpose applications. This alloy is composed of 63% Copper & 37% Zinc which gives this Brass the widest range of possible applications, from architectural end uses to the production of pressed or punched components.

Benefits of 63/37 Brass Alloy

  • Good formability and ease of use.

  • Aesthetically pleasing - Muted yellow colour that ages to a dark brown.

  • Versatile - Can be easily formed into a variety of products.

  • Fire safe - Will not burn or release toxic gases in a house fire

  • Biostatic - Most viruses & bacteria cannot survive on a Brass structure.

  • 100% fully recyclable - Bras has a recycling rate far higher than most industrial metals

  • Available Ex stock in two finishes:

- Mill finish
- Bright Polished Finish


Available in
Coil / Strip