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Architectural Stainless Steel

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) is a process to produce a metal vapour (titanium, chromium and aluminium) that can be deposited on electrically conductive materials as a thin highly adhered pure metal or alloy coating. The process is carried out in a vacuum chamber using a cathodic arc source.

The coating compounds are made up of various elements such as carbides, nitrides, borides and silicides. The different colours are achieved by adding different gasses during the deposition.

Why choose Coating?

  •  PVD coating is one of the best methods for enhancing thin film plating elements. The vacuum deposition method coats the stainless steel with a film of hard refractory material 1-2 microns thick.

  • PVD coatings surpasses traditional electroplated coatings, its more corrosion resistant and has superior hardness

  • PVD coatings do not discolour or tarnish, and do not suffer under UV radiation easy.

  • More environmentally friendly than traditional coating processes such as electroplating and powdercoating.

Have a finish in mind?



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